Thursday, 25 September 2014

"29 Lessons I Learnt In 29 Years" - Demola Aladekomo

 “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” -  Corrie Ten Boom    


Every September, we take out time at Chams Plc and our subsidiaries to celebrate our anniversary, thanking God for another year and opportunity to keep improving quality of lives in Nigeria. 

This year amidst the glass clinking, I went on my keyboard to recollect the 29 year journey that has made us Nigeria’s leading Identity Management Firm amongst other achievements.

So here are 29 lessons I learnt over the past 29 years, I hope it inspires you regardless of where you are in life’s journey. 

Please share your experiences, I’d love to hear yours too.

29 – Opportunities abound in Nigeria, only make hay whilst the sun shines
28 – I learnt to generate ideas and acquire necessary skills.
27 - I learnt to build on success and not be satisfied with status quo
26 - I learnt to live today fully while hoping for tomorrow. Yesterday is History

25 – I learnt to take leaps in business
24 – I learnt to dream big and keep expanding the business
23 – I learnt to accept failure as a challenge, one failure in business paves way for another successful innovation
22 – I learnt to invest in Research &Development, nothing good comes easy
21 – I learnt to prepare for unexpected side blows
20 – I learnt to enjoy the journey and not just the destination

19 – I learnt to build a formal structure 
18 - I learnt to hang on to my belief always
17 – Major lesson; with God, ALL THINGS are possible
16 - With hard work and prayers, you are destined to win
15 – I learnt to invest in properties

14 – The power of determination. I learnt to be determined to succeed
13 – You can win without compromise
12 – It is not over till it is over
11 - Miracles Happen
10 – The wheel of justice turns over slowly         
9 -    Not all failures are bad
8 -   Strategy Matters and Core Values too
7 -   Not all that glitters is gold; I learnt this after winning the National ID
6 -   I learnt to ride the tide; raising N8.4B Private Placement Memo
5 -   I learnt accountability. To whom much is given, account for actions to yourself and others
4 -   Never give up

3 - In tough and rough times, I learnt that this too shall pass
2 - I learnt to deepen my faith in God
1 - I learnt to own up, take responsibility, and tackle the issues not people


SAM said...


SAM said...

great lessons to be learnt. Good story of commitment to one's dream and ensuring it succeeds. A nigerian dream going international.